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Confidentiality Agreement


Two to One premarital mentors will be using an inventory called PREPARE/ENRICH, the Two to One questionnaire, and reading materials as needed. PREPARE/ENRICH increases awareness of the strengths and growth areas of a couple, stimulates discussion of important issues, and teaches communication and conflict resolution skills. It is not intended to predict marital success and it is not to replace professional judgment. Six months prior to the wedding date is required so that issues can be worked on long before wedding invitations go out. Any amount of time less than six months will lessen the effectiveness of the mentoring.

Mentor Credentials

Premarital mentors are godly men and women who have been married for at least five years. They are committed to God and to each other. They are not professionals in psychological counseling or psychiatric therapy and are not licensed. They have been trained in the PREPARE/ENRICH and Two to One materials. They do receive supervision from a staff member of North Point Ministries who is a licensed counselor. If the mentors discover issues that they are not trained to handle, you may be referred to a professional counselor.


All communication between you and your mentors is considered confidential, except as required by law (i.e., where there is a threat of serious harm to self or others, as in the case of child abuse, suicide, or homicide). The mentors will give a summary of your inventory and sessions to the pastor who will be marrying you. The mentors will also be receiving supervision from trained personnel.